Every Sunday

Time: 10:00am

Place: North Point Auditorium

We use words every day. Words can motivate us. Words can soften the hardest heart. Words can stir us to action and paralyze us with fear; they are a voice to our deepest feelings. The power in words is undefinable. They start and stop wars…build and lose fortunes. Big words, small words, even ones that often seem insignificant impact our lives. The Bible is filled with words…not our words but God’s words. God’s words can make a powerful difference in our lives if we understand them and apply them into our daily living.

 Join us as we discover some of the most powerful WORDS in all of Scripture!

The Source…

9/10        Is the Bible Divine?

9/17        Is the Bible True?

9/24        Is the Bible Clear?

10/01      Is the Bible Sufficient?

10/08      The Most Beautiful Word

10/15      The Saddest Word

10/22      The Word That is Lost Forever

10/29      The Hardest Word

11/05      God’s Favorite Word

11/12      The Most Mysterious Word

11/19      The Most Dangerous Word

11/26      The Most Unpopular Word